Locksmith Options For Your Backyard

When you think of your home's security, rarely do you think of the backyard. Yet backyard security is just as important. If you have a swimming pool, insurance companies will require that you have it properly locked.

You also do not want children or even adults wandering into the pool. The backyard also typically has a lot of valuables left lying around: Tools, a bike, toys, garden chairs, and tables, among others.

Thieves can also use the backyard to gain entry to into your house. If you don't have a lock for your backyard, you need to contact a locksmith, fast.

How to Find a Locksmith for Your Backyard

  • Search online for a local business.

  • Conduct a background check. Check for reviews and scams

  • Call the locksmith. Confirm their legal name and address; whether residential or commercial. If they cannot give you their full name or address, or if this does not correspond to what you found online, hang up and keep looking.

  • Confirm the fees chargeable in advance plus the extras such as labor, mileage, etc. All these should be written.

  • Ask to see their registration or license if required by your state.

  • Ask for ID and business card.

  • Confirm the contents of the invoice.

  • If they insist on drilling the lock, consider another option. They're probably looking for an opportunity to rip you off.

Types of Locks

Depending on the level of security you require, you have a wide variety of lock options. The traditional latch is suitable for wooden picket fence gate. It offers some amount of security in that it can keep out small children and dogs, but will not deter thieves.

If you want more enhanced security, you can opt for magnetic latches. There is a wide choice in the market. Keyed locks will give you even better security. If you are the type who often loses his keys, you may want to opt for keyless locks that use a combination code.


Security isn't just about locks, either. Perimeter security systems are helpful for protecting your backyard because they help detect when someone steps foot on your property, not just when they break into one of your entry doors. You can set up perimeter security to alert you or the police when an intrusion has occurred. 


Backyard security is not as unimportant as you had imagined. Your valuables can get stolen, people could get hurt and thieves could use it to break into your home. You will want to ensure that your backyard is as secure as the rest of your home. Take time to find a reputable locksmith to fit a secure lock on your backyard gate.

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